Someone insisted, so I may comply…

A certain very annoying but loving person who is an excellent friend of mine has been consistently pressing me into posting parts of my stories here on this blog. I don’t feel comfortable with it for a few reasons but the main two are 1) hardly anyone reads this anyway, and 2) I don’t  want my work copied. Besides, once any of my words are on the internet, they could go pretty much anywhere and that means, I don’t have the privilege of actually deleting it completely. It’s scary how nasty people are to each other. Actually, scratch that. It’s disgusting and sad how nasty people are to each other. Everyone treats the other sort of like they’re an alien species when they do something wrong. Um, hello? Anyone going to get their heads out of the clouds or out of their butts? Every single person on Earth has made mistakes and whatever god(s) you have, they have too. Not a single person is perfect which is the key point. If everyone was perfect, you might as well have made us using the same cookie mold. There’d be no personality. There’d only be one type of career, etc. It’d be a schedule and everyone would do everything the exact same. The point is, no one needs to be the same as another because it ruins society and special opportunities. Don’t be cruel to others because you don’t expect it back. Those who bully others and are nasty and rude, you’ll get yours in the end. If not by me, the police, or the person you bullied, it’ll be by whatever god(s) you worship. They don’t accept behavior like that without punishment.

The party

 So it went pretty well. The guys came over, we had pizza, cake, hung out, played video games, then watched a movie before going outside to play soccer. Came back in, watched a couple more movies, played some video games then we invited them to spend then night since my dad was really tired and my mom doesn’t like to drive at night. So, they’re still here, snoring on the hide-a-bed and I’m trying my hardest not to laugh too hard at that. I’m going to let them sleep a bit longer because my dad probably woke them up when he was going to work. All in all, an excellent party. 😀

Molted and happy

All of the praying mantises have molted and Liam has eaten three crickets alone today. His stomach is so big it’s hilarious! Also, the party is tomorrow so I’ve been cleaning all day today. Yesterday, I helped my dad to put a mini car port beside the new shed he got and then I was busy driving. So, by tomorrow, I will have quite a lot to blog about and I’ll catch up again. For now, hope everyone has a great spring break!

Would like to get at least 100 views…

So, my stats have dropped considerably and even though I’ve just started, from this moment on, I have only 76 views so reaching 100 by April 10th isn’t a whole lot to ask for and there’s plenty of time to get over that goal. The problem is, I need your guys’ help to reach that goal and so far, it appears I’m not even talking to anybody to begin with. I’ve been advertising myself but even my Fantasy Writers group on Facebook or my personalized MSN website aren’t doing well. Maybe if I started doing crazy crap, someone would actually tune in or pay attention to my work. If my fellow peers won’t bother to read my stories or my collection of words, how in the world am I ever supposed to get published? It’s not like my work sucks, it’s been called mature for my age and not because any of them have romance in them either. I don’t enjoy writing about romance. More about battles, mythical races and creatures, things like that. Sure, there’s a ton of romance in between in most stories but I don’t want to even dip my toes in that bull. Perhaps that’s why no one wants to read anything I write. It’s not romantically inclined like Stephenie Meyer’s works. Lol! Ok. I’m not going to stop writing because of a bunch of airheads and I’ll still get published. Even if I don’t get published, there’ll be a bunch of books and short stories for my family to enjoy, whether my friends are included or not. I’m taking my anger out now before I blow up like I usually do. I wait until my anger boils over and it’s an explosion of Fourth of July fireworks only not as pretty. If ya’ll don’t care about my stories, I don’t want to read yours either and I don’t want your comments either. 🙂 I’ve heard from enough other people to know that my work is good enough to make it.

Spring break for ya’ll

YES! Spring break started for ya’ll! Congrats you guys and I hope you make the most of it! :p I’ve still got an exam to do today and Ben also molted! Hurrah! The others are soon to follow closely behind! 😀 *tear ;)* My allergies aren’t as bad at the moment and my eyes aren’t swollen shut any longer so that’s reason to celebrate as well! Also, I’m only one blog away from catching up to this month’s amount of days. I don’t know why I set it as a goal but I suppose I had nothing better to do. 😀 So why ya’ll are out playing frisbee, riding bikes, playing video games, or just basking in the sun, I’ll be busy testing so don’t call me! I have school nearly 24/7 and a lot of you forget that! One person *cough* called while I was in the middle of a teacher conference. Not pointing fingers *cough* but don’t make me superglue a memo note to your forehead!

So the war ends before it begins!

Ever been in a texting war and you desperately wish you could block that person on your cell phone but sadly, you can only do that on websites? You can delete their number, tell them to leave you alone, even change your voicemail and act like you’re a different person but they won’t stop pestering you. Their point? To get under you skin. How to stop that without changing your phone number? Something I’ve been practicing for several days. When you receive a message from your (thick sarcasm) “loved” one, don’t bother opening the messages, just push end then go to your messages and delete them, again, without reading them. If you read what they write in that process, you’ll get angered and have the urge to snap back at them but it won’t do you any good. You can’t fix stupid but you can be smart and ignore them. You don’t need people like that in your life because they’ll drop you on the ground in a heart beat when the need is dire for them.

That time again…

Liam molted early this morning and it’s been exactly 10 days since he last molted. The others will follow suit closely tomorrow. 😀 Hopefully they’ll all be ok and will all get through it though. Molting is an extremely stressful and hard part of their lives and not all of them reach maturity because most of them die when they molt. It’s a sad time and I usually stay up with them when they molt to make sure they don’t land on their backs and can easily move around. My first praying mantis (Jumper) molted for the last time and landed on her back so her wings dried wrong and she could never fly while it also shortened her lifespan. 😦 However, I’m here to think positively and I’m sure all five will do just fine. 😀

So wise….HA HA!!!

I’m not writing this post for selfish reasons. I’m creating this to show how doing a lot of reading really helps. My friends all come to me for advice much like any panic-stricken friend of yours has done with you. When I give them my advice, they call me wise, brilliant, whatever. I end up laughing at them, not necessarily with them. I’m not wise but I am smart. I’m what most people call a bookworm. I’ve even been in several book clubs, including one at school. The books I’ve read aren’t ever about “various ways to work out a friend’s problems.” Actually, the only informative books I read are auto-and biographies, National Geographic, stuff like that. The point is, I get all my advice from every day objects that I read which are, believe it or not, mostly under the fantasy genre. In all genre of books, there is a theme or moral. Using the characters’ dilemmas, I work out what I would tell them to do and later compare it to what their fellow companions suggested. By doing that, I build up my “advice-giving” skill. Some books also have real-life situations. Just read books and think outside of the box. Think of all the lessons you could learn if you just paid attention to the bound pages in your hands.

Got me to thinkin’

That hilarious song “I Pray for You” that I posted earlier got me to thinking about other songs I’ve listened to that are similar. Well, I sent that song to a good number of people (27 so far) and I’ve gotten quite a lot of negative feedback from them so far because the song is “country.” So freak out people. Honestly. People hate each other for the dumbest reasons and that eventually gets under everyone’s skin. The entire time, I’m forcefully thinking, “I’m not going to kill them and I’m going to have a good attitude about this.” It usually works but listening to certain songs, it definitely works. It doesn’t matter what musicians, artists, or genre of music ya’ll listen to. It’s the message each song puts across and it doesn’t matter if I like country music and you loathe it. It doesn’t judge everything and you can still be my friend. All of you listen to what you tell others and tally how often it’s negative or nice. When you add up the scores, most of the time, negativity scores the highest. Go out there and change that. Start with your family.

I Pray for You by Jaron Lowenstein, a must read!!!

Jaron and The Long Road to Love Pray For You 

Written by: Jaron Lowenstein 


Haven’t been in church since, I don’t remember when 

Things were going great, til they fell apart again 

So I listened to the preacher, as he told me what to do 

Said you can’t go hating others, who dont wrong to you 

Sometimes we get angry, but we must not condemn 

Let the good Lord do his job, and you just pray for them 

I pray your brakes go out, running down a hill 

I pray a flower pot falls, from a window sill 

And knocks you in the head like I’d like to 

I pray your birthday comes and nobody calls 

I pray your flying high when your engine stalls 

I pray all your dreams never come true 

Just know where you are 

Honey, I pray for you 

Really glad I found my way to church 

Cause I’m already feelign better and I thank God for the words 

Yeah I’m gonna take the high road 

And do what the preacher told me to do 

You keep messing up, and I’ll keep praying for you 

I pray your tire blows out at 110 

I pray you pass out drunk with your best friend 

And wake up with his and her tattoos 

I pray your brakes go out, running down a hill 

I pray and flower pot falls, from a window sill 

And knocks you in thehead like I’d like to 

I pray your birthday comes and nobody calls 

I pray your flying high when your engine stalls 

I pray all your dreams never come true 

Just know wherever you are, near of far, in your house or in your car 

Wherever you are honey, I pray for you 

I pray for you.