Hello world!

I am completely new at this and am not used to putting my thoughts out there for anyone to see! But I will definitely work at this and you guys let me know how well I do. 😀 Let’s start with things that I enjoy so you guys can get to know me better.

I absolutely love to write. I’ve been writing stories since I was two (yes, 2) years old. I’ve always ace every writing assignment every given and you know those essays every teacher makes you write in class and give you, say, an hour to plan, write, then edit it? It always took me (no lie) ten to fifteen minutes to hand write two pages, usually front and back. I write on my own time and I have hundreds of stories I’ve worked on when I was younger but they got lost in the move from South Carolina so I never worked on them again and to me, it ruins the point if I begin to work on them now because I lose that “childish” tone to the story that was there before. For major stories, I’ve completed several ranging from 175 pages to 347 pages so far. I’m hoping to reach a 500 page mark with the big project I’m working on now.

Next, I love ballroom dancing. I went to a school for the arts (MSA: Manatee School for the Arts) and they had everything there that I wanted to take. I took ballroom for 4 years straight and got first in several competitions. I even got to MC one year for the 7th graders (I was in 8th) and I was the first middle schooler to do so from MSA. 😀 It was an awesome time and I got to dance in my competition right after and won with my awesome partner!

I’ve been singing for forever it feels like and I’ve never gone a year without taking chorus. I was in the Manatee County Choir Performance on tv in 4th grade at what used to be called MCC. I have a strange ability to hit super high notes without “squeaking” and I’ve always been a soprano though I could be an alto if I had to but I just like hitting those high notes. 😉

I am obsessed with stagecraft! I took theater for two years (6th and 9th grade) but I didn’t like it as much as working behind the scenes! I LOVE IT!!! can you tell? 😀 I’d help to build all of the scenery, search for all the props, then for the shows, I’d mainly get to play all the music cues in the sound booth during shows that tripled as the light and spotlight booth as well. 😀 I got to go to FTC for competition with The Laramie Project! It was AWESOME!!! Terrible thing, if any of you have been there, the sound booth is at the very tip-top of the theater and to get to the sound booth, I had to go up four levels of stairs. Besides that, I was in there with a complete (but sweet) stranger and I took cues (the fancy way) with a headset. All my other performing and backstage buddies were four levels below. But getting a complete tour of the entire place was amazing! We got to see how everything worked and we stayed in a hotel for two days, two nights and the night we performed, we headed home after the winners were announced. It was fantastic!

Now, if I keep going on about what I like, this blog will be considerably long so I’m going to cut it here for now. 😀 Any questions you guys wanna ask, just comment! 😉


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