March 21st

So, my birthday is in nine days according to this. I’m afraid I’m not doing anything on my birthday except school work but afterwards, I get an entire free week off of school (FLVS) for working my tail off to turn in seven assignments (plus four exams) for English 2 in within a week. 😀 However, that leaves the other classes that I still have work to do on. I’ll be turning that “magical/magikal(;)) 16 and everyone calls it “Sweet 16” but it’s just another year piled on to my 15. 😀 For my birthday, I’m not having a huge party or anything and in actuality, I’m having two of my bffs coming the 29th instead since spring break starts then for them. Being guys, they’re bringing tons of vid games and have sworn to kill me at Pokemon. Lol! I may have the Nintendo DS games (Pearl and Diamond including three others) but I hardly ever play them cuz I’m too busy with school work! Regardless, I managed to level up at least six of my Pokemon so they are capable of fighting without too heavy a loss(wince). I don’t appreciate losing at anything, regardless if I’m good at it or not but if it’s for their “happiness” and “pride,” I’ll manage through it. 😉 It’s much better than going to the movies and just sitting there for a couple of hours without being able to talk to each other and plus, we won’t be spending too much money except on pizza. Gotta have the pizza for the guys and they already ordered pepperoni with extra cheese. Lol! It should be a great day and I can’t wait! 😀


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