Nearly 4am

The title says it for the most part. It’s about 3:30 or was when I fired up my computer. It’s pouring and thundering outside quite loudly so I’m having a problem sleeping through that (unlike my parents). Regardless, I’ll go on to explain that the genre I enjoy writing about most is fantasy. For some reason, all my thoughts come together to make stories and I just throw them together and plan them out to create stories so perhaps some people can get inside my head. There’s no point in having a talent if you don’t share it with others and there’s no way you should perfect that talent if you’re already excellent at it because it makes you more “personalized” I guess you could say. You shouldn’t allow people to let you down or tell you who you should be because they (family, close friends included) don’t know precisely what you are looking for. Yes, they may have raised you, known you all your life but do they really know what you’re searching for in life like you do? You may not even know yourself but the point is, don’t let someone else take over your life or force you to do something you don’t want to. Life is not only about following your dreams, heart, etc. It’s a time for you to stand up and take your dream goal for yourself. 😀


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