Rain, rain, and guess what? More rain.

Well, so much for a sunny day but it doesn’t mean I can’t be cheerful or keep entertained. Luckily I don’t have the FCATs like everyone else because I’m homeschooled but I never actually had a problem taking them to begin with for some reason. It may be obvious what my favorite type of weather is but in actuality, it depends on my mood. When I’m reading or writing, I would love for it to rain instead of the sunny, warm day just outside of my windows constantly enticing me. On sunny days, bike rides, pool, going crazy. Overcast days, usually I get bored and write poetry or songs (not often). I’ve gotten bored a total of 617 times in the past year, not including this year. That’s another incentive to keep me writing; boredom. All of this blogging will be a great help too and it may appear that I’ve already written four (this is the fourth) for today but I actually wrote the first two the previous day. But oh well. For now, I’m just going to chat with my good friend who’s sadly home sick right now and try to cheer her up a little. 😀 Hope everyone enjoys their day, rain or shine, sick or well!


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