Some Random Poetry

Keep in mind that I wrote some of these for far younger audiences so bear with me here. I’m gonna add several to make this post a little longer. 😀

Leaving (4-9-07)

The skies are blue and I will always love you

Though this may mean that I will indeed

Have to change everything

Though my job sucks and my family still hates me

I think it is time to say good-bye

Since we can’t be friends even in the end

I will always remember you no matter when, how or why

Though I know you hate me now I will always care

About everything you become now

Even though this is good-bye

My love can never be deceased.


Justice/Right Path (1-3-07)

The skies darken in his presence

The wind howls in its fury

Only one causes such havoc from Nature

Only one knows of the darkest secrets

One who will reveal its deepest depths

One who will strike back for glory

And one who will strike back at all for what’s right

Two choose the left path

One chooses the right

If there were a hundred soldiers

Only twenty-five would be true

Only ten wouldn’t turn on the captain

Only five wouldn’t flee

Only three would go straight into battle first

Only one would stand their ground against the enemy

It’s sad that out of so many

Only one is truly loyal.

 Titanic (4-17-07)

Music floats through the air across the water

As well as do people, clinging to the debris

No one hears their panicking cries

No one else sees the boilers falling apart

Or hears the glass of the once spectacular ship break

No one else saw almost all of the other passengers killed, one by one

No one else awaited their fate that day

Only the passengers aboard that ship knew

What had truly happened

At the bottom of the ocean, they still await

A savior to come rescue them

But there was no savior for them

And there shan’t be.

 Sister (4-19-07)

Though you know I love you

You know I also hate you

‘Cause occasionally you irritate me

To the point where I want to kill

Other times when you have a bad day

You want to complain to me and I let thee

Other times you just enjoy the company

Still other times you want a new story read

And afterwards it’s bedtime

When I am waiting for my clock to strike mine,

I realize how lonely I am

So, sister, I really enjoy the irritating

Though I keep getting angry again and again.

 Magik Three (2-10-08)

I hear at least three vicious grims

Fighting, fighting to the death

I look out into the night and I see them there!

On my very street in the road

Two cars pass by seeming to go through them

Not even bothering to hit their brakes

If I can only see them, they mustn’t be real

But I can hear them

Their claws ripping through the others’ fur

The teeth banging together on impact

Their drool splashing to the pavement

The fierce growling that many will run when they hear

Not me, I want to know why

Why are they here knowing I’m watching?

Why do they fight? Why do I only see them?

I have no time to react

The first light crosses the horizon

They are all gone

Only tufts of black hair remain and are soon blown away

I can prove to no one what I have seen.


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