Yes! Sunshine!

Today there is finally sunshine after an entire day yesterday of nothing but rain. I don’t know if I’m going to attempt the Bermuda Triangle project yet because I have an interview with my neighbor (age: 93 status: living alone) around lunch time and once I start something, I don’t like to have to stop in the middle. It’s a wonder how I ever managed to get through a block schedule. Regardless, the praying mantises have grown considerably and are now eating every day. 😀 This will be day six(6) since we got them! Yay! Turns out that three are boys and two are girls so I am changing the names up when I can move them into a larger container. Right now they’re in a rounded container that’s roughly 3 inches in diameter and about two inches tall. They’re a bit larger than my thumbnail now. I’ll get up pics once they get a little bigger. I still have some old photos of Jumper (pet praying mantis) from 4th grade. She had the prettiest eyes that were a sharp greenish-blue. Jumper also always sat on my shoulder when I went about doing chores or something. Great, great insects. 😀 So, many of you may think I’m weird but *shrug* I don’t care. I’ll continue to write about the mantises, the Bermuda Triangle, and may even eventually delve further into my stories. Well, I might blog a little later if I have time. 😀


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