The Usual Day

Woke up at 8 (7, lol) and immediately checked on the praying mantises. With my mom’s help, I put two crickets in each for ’em and it turns out that out of all five, Sky has a serious anger issue. One of the crickets appeared to bother her cuz she snatched it right up, killed it, and threw it down. I stood there watching, trying not to laugh (cuz it’s not a good influence :p) and passed the news on to my mom. Female praying mantises are very aggressive for those who don’t know. They kill their mate after mating and eat them so, obviously, they cannibalize. There are three males and two females and I can tell now because they are about to molt and the lines on their backs are more visible. Six lines for female, eight for male. The males are always smaller too so it figures that the only two I named really feminine names are male so Bella, Lily, and Rose are going to be called Ben, Liam, and Roc. The two females are Sky and Jumper. Lol! It figures really. Regardless, I’ve already worked on a story a little, played an hour of DS games, practiced piano and sang, and watched a movie. Right now, I’m blogging before I continue working on my drawing and later I might weave and cook dinner. Exactly a week until my b-day and exactly two until the guys come over. Should be fun! 😀


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