Let’s See….

I could post a million blogs (thinking about getting there, maybe but let’s just get to a thousand first ;)) and I would be extremely surprised if anyone even viewed any of them! Do I blog just to put words out on the internet for some bored person to read? I don’t want some random bored person to read this because they’ll just read that half-heartedly and not really care about what they are reading. It’s kind of pointless to blog if someone isn’t going to bother taking the time to read what you write, right? Sure, who really cares about someone else’s life if they’re as ordinary as you or me? If it’s Brad Pitt’s blog, he’d have so many views, it’s ridiculous and he could have written something completely dimwitted but it’s someone with a name so flip out people! They weren’t always ‘IT.’ They were just like us at one point in time. Duh, they may have been born to a family of millionaires but so what? Do they use that money wisely? Do they care about the people or the country? Just being “IT” doesn’t mean anything at all if you don’t have a heart. So, whoever actually does read this, go check out someone else’s blog and read about their life. Make a couple of comments. I’m not asking you to comment on mine. Think of everyone else out there who feels alone and is using this blog as a way to communicate with the outside world, holding on to that strand and you just slide on by, severing it. Think before you act, please?


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