Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time, there lived a princess. This princess had everything she wanted. A prince to marry, a kingdom, all the dresses she wanted, blah blah blah. Ok. Hate to break it to you, but everybody knows “happily ever after” doesn’t exist without a lot of hard effort! Prince Charming isn’t going to search for you because he doesn’t know you exist, kingdoms don’t exist any more, and the average person does not have enough money for a dress with diamonds and lace on it. However, there is still hope! 😉 There are all of these dating sites to help you signal Prince Charming that you are ready (lol!), rather than kingdoms, there are “sophisticated” countries, and if you get a high paying job, you can always get an expensive dress (just not with diamonds sewn on it). Why am I writing this post? Maybe because I’m bored, people think I’m crazy any way, and nobody reads these so those are the perfect excuses! This is under the Crazy category for a reason. Just wanted to point out that fairy tales don’t just happen. They have to be earned and only you can set your goals and win….or end up disappointing yourself….which is never fun(obviously).


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