Crickets, crickets, crickets galore…

Those pesky little vermin called praying mantises that I’m raising have some serious anger management issues! I put two crickets in each of their containers (which equals 10 crickets total) and whenever the crickets get too close to the praying mantis, they’ll lash out, kill it, then throw it back down…. That’s a waste of money! Sky and Roc began the whole process but now all of them are doing it…so…raising them is a really fun experience. The praying mantises are considerably bigger now (a little over an inch) and are a really pretty light green. 😀 Yesterday, we also upgraded them to larger containers. 😀 When they molt one more time, they’ll be moved into the small “lizard-sized” cages you can buy at Petsmart or anywhere else in general. That’s all the updates on them so far!


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