Got me to thinkin’

That hilarious song “I Pray for You” that I posted earlier got me to thinking about other songs I’ve listened to that are similar. Well, I sent that song to a good number of people (27 so far) and I’ve gotten quite a lot of negative feedback from them so far because the song is “country.” So freak out people. Honestly. People hate each other for the dumbest reasons and that eventually gets under everyone’s skin. The entire time, I’m forcefully thinking, “I’m not going to kill them and I’m going to have a good attitude about this.” It usually works but listening to certain songs, it definitely works. It doesn’t matter what musicians, artists, or genre of music ya’ll listen to. It’s the message each song puts across and it doesn’t matter if I like country music and you loathe it. It doesn’t judge everything and you can still be my friend. All of you listen to what you tell others and tally how often it’s negative or nice. When you add up the scores, most of the time, negativity scores the highest. Go out there and change that. Start with your family.


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