So wise….HA HA!!!

I’m not writing this post for selfish reasons. I’m creating this to show how doing a lot of reading really helps. My friends all come to me for advice much like any panic-stricken friend of yours has done with you. When I give them my advice, they call me wise, brilliant, whatever. I end up laughing at them, not necessarily with them. I’m not wise but I am smart. I’m what most people call a bookworm. I’ve even been in several book clubs, including one at school. The books I’ve read aren’t ever about “various ways to work out a friend’s problems.” Actually, the only informative books I read are auto-and biographies, National Geographic, stuff like that. The point is, I get all my advice from every day objects that I read which are, believe it or not, mostly under the fantasy genre. In all genre of books, there is a theme or moral. Using the characters’ dilemmas, I work out what I would tell them to do and later compare it to what their fellow companions suggested. By doing that, I build up my “advice-giving” skill. Some books also have real-life situations. Just read books and think outside of the box. Think of all the lessons you could learn if you just paid attention to the bound pages in your hands.


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