Spring break for ya’ll

YES! Spring break started for ya’ll! Congrats you guys and I hope you make the most of it! :p I’ve still got an exam to do today and Ben also molted! Hurrah! The others are soon to follow closely behind! 😀 *tear ;)* My allergies aren’t as bad at the moment and my eyes aren’t swollen shut any longer so that’s reason to celebrate as well! Also, I’m only one blog away from catching up to this month’s amount of days. I don’t know why I set it as a goal but I suppose I had nothing better to do. 😀 So why ya’ll are out playing frisbee, riding bikes, playing video games, or just basking in the sun, I’ll be busy testing so don’t call me! I have school nearly 24/7 and a lot of you forget that! One person *cough* called while I was in the middle of a teacher conference. Not pointing fingers *cough* but don’t make me superglue a memo note to your forehead!

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