Would like to get at least 100 views…

So, my stats have dropped considerably and even though I’ve just started, from this moment on, I have only 76 views so reaching 100 by April 10th isn’t a whole lot to ask for and there’s plenty of time to get over that goal. The problem is, I need your guys’ help to reach that goal and so far, it appears I’m not even talking to anybody to begin with. I’ve been advertising myself but even my Fantasy Writers group on Facebook or my personalized MSN website aren’t doing well. Maybe if I started doing crazy crap, someone would actually tune in or pay attention to my work. If my fellow peers won’t bother to read my stories or my collection of words, how in the world am I ever supposed to get published? It’s not like my work sucks, it’s been called mature for my age and not because any of them have romance in them either. I don’t enjoy writing about romance. More about battles, mythical races and creatures, things like that. Sure, there’s a ton of romance in between in most stories but I don’t want to even dip my toes in that bull. Perhaps that’s why no one wants to read anything I write. It’s not romantically inclined like Stephenie Meyer’s works. Lol! Ok. I’m not going to stop writing because of a bunch of airheads and I’ll still get published. Even if I don’t get published, there’ll be a bunch of books and short stories for my family to enjoy, whether my friends are included or not. I’m taking my anger out now before I blow up like I usually do. I wait until my anger boils over and it’s an explosion of Fourth of July fireworks only not as pretty. If ya’ll don’t care about my stories, I don’t want to read yours either and I don’t want your comments either. 🙂 I’ve heard from enough other people to know that my work is good enough to make it.


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