Someone insisted, so I may comply…

A certain very annoying but loving person who is an excellent friend of mine has been consistently pressing me into posting parts of my stories here on this blog. I don’t feel comfortable with it for a few reasons but the main two are 1) hardly anyone reads this anyway, and 2) I don’t  want my work copied. Besides, once any of my words are on the internet, they could go pretty much anywhere and that means, I don’t have the privilege of actually deleting it completely. It’s scary how nasty people are to each other. Actually, scratch that. It’s disgusting and sad how nasty people are to each other. Everyone treats the other sort of like they’re an alien species when they do something wrong. Um, hello? Anyone going to get their heads out of the clouds or out of their butts? Every single person on Earth has made mistakes and whatever god(s) you have, they have too. Not a single person is perfect which is the key point. If everyone was perfect, you might as well have made us using the same cookie mold. There’d be no personality. There’d only be one type of career, etc. It’d be a schedule and everyone would do everything the exact same. The point is, no one needs to be the same as another because it ruins society and special opportunities. Don’t be cruel to others because you don’t expect it back. Those who bully others and are nasty and rude, you’ll get yours in the end. If not by me, the police, or the person you bullied, it’ll be by whatever god(s) you worship. They don’t accept behavior like that without punishment.

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