So, I don’t have many friends because I choose them carefully. Yes, my Facebook page says 280 something friends but I don’t really stay in touch with many of them unless they have my phone number and take some time in their day to actually send me a message themselves. I don’t have time to sit there and text ‘hi, how are you’ to ten different people. As much as I’d like to be able to do that, I can’t with school work and homework. I usually get a million texts around 5pm when everyone’s getting on the bus and I can’t text or talk then because I’m either cooking dinner or I’m driving. Big jump there, eh? Anyway, the point of this blog was to discuss my anger at my soon-to-be ex-friend. You see, lately, everyone’s been getting boyfriends or girlfriends so they’ve been preoccupied with them and don’t have time to answer my texts or messages. Then, if something bad happens in the relationship, they come to me for advice, so I tell them…then they get offended, won’t listen to me, and whatever else. Afterwards, they slink back and say, ‘I’m sorry, you were right.’ Glad you’re all admitting that. However, there’s this one friend that will take as much advice as they can get but it goes in one ear and out the other, passing through the empty space between their ears. Lately, I’ve put up with too much of their crap and I’ve had enough when they didn’t wish me a happy birthday, won’t reply to my messages on Facebook, e-mail, msn messenger, or anything at all. I’m not going to bother going to their house and stalk them down. They’re not worth it if they’re going to pull that crap. So, I can’t help stupid, and I’m not going to be friends with stupid because it’s too much effort. I may seem like a bad person but isn’t only “God” supposed to judge me?

Blog Deleted :(

 I previously had written a quite comical blog but it was sadly deleted and once something is accidentally deleted, I don’t bother to rewrite it. Don’t ask me why, I’ve just always done that. The praying mantises are doing well and are eating a lot while having extreme anger issues. They now grab and kill the crickets before throwing them to the bottom of the container…occasionally they’ll eat it later (they don’t really have a choice, lol!). It is hilarious to watch them do it though. They were also upgraded into slightly larger containers and when they molt for the second time, they will be put into 4 in by 12 in containers. This coming Monday is my belated b-day party because that’s when spring break starts for my two friends that are coming over. It will be a lot of fun! That’s about all I’ve got for today. :p

Crickets, crickets, crickets galore…

Those pesky little vermin called praying mantises that I’m raising have some serious anger management issues! I put two crickets in each of their containers (which equals 10 crickets total) and whenever the crickets get too close to the praying mantis, they’ll lash out, kill it, then throw it back down…. That’s a waste of money! Sky and Roc began the whole process but now all of them are doing it…so…raising them is a really fun experience. The praying mantises are considerably bigger now (a little over an inch) and are a really pretty light green. 😀 Yesterday, we also upgraded them to larger containers. 😀 When they molt one more time, they’ll be moved into the small “lizard-sized” cages you can buy at Petsmart or anywhere else in general. That’s all the updates on them so far!

Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time, there lived a princess. This princess had everything she wanted. A prince to marry, a kingdom, all the dresses she wanted, blah blah blah. Ok. Hate to break it to you, but everybody knows “happily ever after” doesn’t exist without a lot of hard effort! Prince Charming isn’t going to search for you because he doesn’t know you exist, kingdoms don’t exist any more, and the average person does not have enough money for a dress with diamonds and lace on it. However, there is still hope! 😉 There are all of these dating sites to help you signal Prince Charming that you are ready (lol!), rather than kingdoms, there are “sophisticated” countries, and if you get a high paying job, you can always get an expensive dress (just not with diamonds sewn on it). Why am I writing this post? Maybe because I’m bored, people think I’m crazy any way, and nobody reads these so those are the perfect excuses! This is under the Crazy category for a reason. Just wanted to point out that fairy tales don’t just happen. They have to be earned and only you can set your goals and win….or end up disappointing yourself….which is never fun(obviously).

Let’s See….

I could post a million blogs (thinking about getting there, maybe but let’s just get to a thousand first ;)) and I would be extremely surprised if anyone even viewed any of them! Do I blog just to put words out on the internet for some bored person to read? I don’t want some random bored person to read this because they’ll just read that half-heartedly and not really care about what they are reading. It’s kind of pointless to blog if someone isn’t going to bother taking the time to read what you write, right? Sure, who really cares about someone else’s life if they’re as ordinary as you or me? If it’s Brad Pitt’s blog, he’d have so many views, it’s ridiculous and he could have written something completely dimwitted but it’s someone with a name so flip out people! They weren’t always ‘IT.’ They were just like us at one point in time. Duh, they may have been born to a family of millionaires but so what? Do they use that money wisely? Do they care about the people or the country? Just being “IT” doesn’t mean anything at all if you don’t have a heart. So, whoever actually does read this, go check out someone else’s blog and read about their life. Make a couple of comments. I’m not asking you to comment on mine. Think of everyone else out there who feels alone and is using this blog as a way to communicate with the outside world, holding on to that strand and you just slide on by, severing it. Think before you act, please?

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown :D

The play was AWESOME! It consisted of juniors and seniors so sadly, this was their last performance at MSA for some of them. I will miss all of them too but life goes on, people change, and I can’t wait to meet them all again in the future. A lot of work went into this show and my bff was stage manager. 😀 Working backstage with him for the last two years was an excellent experience, one I will tell in another blog when I am far less tired. So, it’s March 21st!!! Yay! Happy Sweet 16 to me! Hahaha! Night, ya’ll! ❤

School, friends, the whole shabang…

So, I’ve taken four exams in the last two days. I finished up today, thankfully, and just in time for the weekend. However, my parents are making me work weekends now to get ahead. But *shrug* I guess it could be worse. The praying mantises are eating two crickets in one day now and aren’t as afraid of my hands as they were before. Sassafras (my dog) is doing great as well and we played “football” again today before I got in a tug-a-war with Hamm, the next door neighbor’s dog. All in all, a very decent day and there’s sure to be a good one tomorrow. 😀 Have a great weekend, everybody. 🙂

Close Call… :(

Sky had a close call last night when she was molting. She didn’t do nearly as well as the others (all 4 of which molted also) and was more exhausted. Hopefully she will make it through the next moltings as well.      I just finished up an Elluminate Session on Mythology and remembered I hadn’t blogged at all today! So sorry this is short but I’m tired and nothing really happened today. 😉 I’ll find something more interesting to talk

It’s Only Tuesday…

Wow, what a week so far and it’s only Tuesday! Yesterday, Liam molted. Today, Ben did. We spent three(3) hours at the DMV office just to get my darn permit! Three hours! Regardless, I passed the two tests with full 100s and I’m just happy that it’s one less thing my parents have to urge me to do. I like driving but in Florida, not so much! There’s not really much else to talk about cuz I haven’t gone anywhere else or seen anyone but then again, it’s only Tuesday. :p

The Kids are Growing Up

Around lunch time, I checked on the praying mantises and turns out the Liam had almost finished molting! He is twice as big as the others (for now) and is a gorgeous limey lemon color. 😀 Naturally, my mom prodded me into calling my dad and grandma (lol!) to tell them the news. I can’t wait until the others molt! Liam has to molt one more time before I can upgrade him to a larger cage. There are two reasons for that. One, he can escape through the top of the cage. Two, because the cage would be too big for him to find his food. So, they are adorable and when Liam gets a little darker, I’ll add pics. 😀