I was going to keep up with the days and write daily but absolutely no views therefore, absolutely no writing. Still unsure if I’m going to delete this blog or what because each time I get on, I’ll only think negative thoughts and therefore will write only negative things. So, don’t know how long it’ll be before the next post.

Sarcastic laugh

You know that not a single person is reading these? Of course you don’t because there’s no one reading this one either besides me. So, let’s see. Yesterday was considerably better, especially after Jumper’s death. I’m not going to bother describing how it went either. I’ve been working on the recent addition to the long list of stories I’ve begun/finished. It should be interesting should I ever take the time to finish this one. Still caught up in all the two different trilogies. Don’t know what I’m going to do there. My friends want me to finish them but yet they don’t actually want to take the time to read them. Go figure, right? But my style is different and more mature. They probably don’t like reading them because I use words they still don’t understand yet. They aren’t as obsessed about the English language or spelling as me so that sets us apart considerably. They haven’t found their calling in life and I don’t know how I found mine so fast but all I want to do is write and write. A lonely life, yes, but not if you have someone who really truly cares about you and will always be there.

Don’t need ’em

One thing about friends is they’re always supposed to comfort you when you’re sad, angry, then stand by your side when someone threatens to beat you up. Basically, friends are there to support you. Well, the sort of friends I have are the ones that talk all about themselves and don’t give a crap about me. Sure, the guys are much better but once they get a girlfriend, it’s adios Jade. I’m not a stuffed toy that can be thrown from person to person without a care. I’m an actual person just like the rest of you and though I may not have the same interests as you, that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit here and let you torment me when I believed you had my back. So I’m going to look for some real friends and put the rest of you on my getting-to list. I don’t have time for people like ya’ll anymore so good luck finding someone else to change your diapers. This post may seem harsh to those of you just reading this but after so many years of not having a fifty-fifty relationship with anyone as a friend, I’m done. Everyone have a great weekend! XD

Jumper 2

Bad bad news. The mama possum died and Jumper 2 died yesterday afternoon while he was molting. 😦 It was a death as bad as the possum, if not worse.

Where did his name come from? From my first praying mantis in 4th grade. Does Jumper have a certain disposition that sets him apart from the rest? He’d always be extremely hesitant when getting on my hand and I’d have to get him out of the cage with a leaf. Does color set Jumper apart from the rest? No, same greenish blue. How do you tell them apart then? The colors of the cages and their names are written on the side. What color is Jumper’s cage? Pink. Do you like Jumper the best? I have to treat them all equally but because I gave Jumper the name of my previous praying mantis, yeah, I sort of do like him more. How much time do you spend with Jumper alone a day? The same amount as the others. How many times has Jumper molted? Three. Technically four but he died. How many moltings are left for Jumper? None. Is that all you’d like to put about Jumper? He’ll be horribly missed.


Still no real news on the mama possum. 😦

Where did his name come from? The mythical creature, a roc. Not supposed to be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Why give a boy that name? I wanted to be creative but it had to be something short and easy to remember. Why raise praying mantises? Can you just delete that question already? Does Roc have a certain disposition that sets him apart from the others? He is a very clean eater, runs around a lot, and especially likes to jump from point A to point C. Does color set Roc apart from the others? No. How do you tell them apart then? Color coded cages with their names on it. Sheesh. What color is Roc’s cage? Blue. Do you like Roc the most? I like them all evenly. How much time do you spend with Roc alone a day? The same amount as the others. How many times has Roc molted? Three. How many moltings are left for Roc? Three or four. Is that all you’d like to put about Roc? He’s the athlete out of the bunch.


This one should be interesting. Also, we are calling today to see if the mama possum and her four babies are alright. Will post again later or maybe will wait until tomorrow to tell you all the news.

Where did her name come from? For some reason, I was thinking of Holes and in the process, named her Sky. Why give a girl a boy’s name? Sky can be swung both ways in my opinion. Why raise praying mantises? Stop asking that question!!! Does Sky have a certain disposition that sets her apart from the rest? She is very evil and moody. She eats the crickets’ butt first, attacks my hand, and even attacks her own shadow (no lie, it’s hilarious!). Does color set Sky apart from the others? Yes. She is a muddy brown compared to the others’ greenish blue. How do you tell them apart then? Once again, the cages are color coded! What color is Sky’s cage? Purple. Do you like Sky the best? Not in a million years but I have to treat them all equally so I do. How much time do you spend with Sky alone a day? The same amount of time as the others. How many times has Sky molted? Three. How many moltings are left for Sky? Three or four. Is that all you’d like to put about Sky? It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, you can be sure that she’s always cranky!


First off, let’s talk about what happened yesterday. Our next door neighbor’s dog got ahold of a mama possum. He messed her up pretty good and she had four babies on her when it happened. The neighbor rushes over because she needs help and mom runs over there with dad as I look for a phone number. Mom manages to get the babies in one box and the mama possum in the other. With that, all of us rush over to the wildlife rescue center. You know what happens? Just like in movies, it started pouring when we got there. We won’t know if the mama possum made it until tomorrow but the babies were fine. Now, putting the spotlight on Ben.

Where did her name come from? Ben got her name from my old friend Benjamin who transferred to another school over a year ago and whom I haven’t been in contact with since. Why give a girl a boy’s name? Ben is also a girl’s name. Besides, I like it. Why raise praying mantises? I’ve already answered this question. They are interesting, intelligent, and really cool creatures. Does Ben have a certain disposition that sets her apart from the rest? Ben is the shyest of the bunch. She still doesn’t really feel comfortable climbing on my hand. Does color set Ben apart from the others? No, Ben is a greenish blue like Liam. How do you tell them apart then? They are in different cages with names labeled. What color is Ben’s cage? Bright orange. Do you like Ben the best? Once again, I like all of them equally. How much time do you spend with Ben alone a day? The same amount of time I spend with the others. How many times has Ben molted? Three. How many moltings are left for Ben? Three or four. Is that all you’d like to put about Ben? Ben is also an excellent hunter and prefers to eat her prey quickly rather than take her time or eat its butt first (Sky!).


I’ve decided I will entertain myself by typing up a background on all five of the praying mantises, therefore, taking up five posts. Starting with the oldest, Liam. First, where did her name come from? From Liam Neesom who did the voice of Aslan in Narnia. Why give a girl a boy’s name? We couldn’t tell precisely who was a boy or girl until about a week ago and names had already been given out. Why raise praying mantises? They are extremely intelligent, caring, and awesome creatures, not to mention easy to take care of for the most part. Does Liam have a certain disposition that sets her apart from the rest? Yes, she was shy in the beginning but now she’s the first one to clamber on to my hand. Does color set Liam apart from the others? Actually, they all are a gorgeous greenish-blue except for Sky who is a muddy brown. How do you tell them apart then? Each are in their own cage, color coded and with their names marked on the side. Not only that but each have different personalities. What color is Liam’s cage? Hers is green. Do you like Liam the best? Please! That would be like a parent choosing which child they liked best. You can’t choose. You have to like them all the same amount and spend the same amount of quality time with them. How much time do you spend with Liam alone a day? Well, all five never leave my sight so basically 24/7. How many times has Liam molted? Four. How many moltings are left for Liam? Two or three.  Is that all you’d like to put about Liam? Yes because I have a strange feeling that you’re starting to stalk me.

Well, this weekend sucks

So far, this weekend really, really sucks. I’m not allowed contact with the outside air therefore restrained to my room or living room, I believe I’m behind on school work for the week which means going to a public high school, my friend is living a terrible life, several friends won’t return my calls, I might as well stop there because the list is seemingly endless. I’m not sure what’s going on lately but I’m tired of it and I need to do something. Music, games, books, writing, nothing at all is helping. Therefore, this post is short and boring. Sorry, guys.


It is finally Friday! I have to catch up on all of my school work for the week (and hopefully not go insane by the end of it). I’m going to probably be going to my grandma’s house again, this time for a week, and hopefully my allergies will not prevent me from building forts. I’m also hopeful that Randall and James will be available to hang out, at least on the weekend. James was on vacation last weekend but he might actually be back by now. Who knows? I just know I don’t want to be stuck inside playing video games all day. *shiver* Not that video games are bad it’s just between them and the computer for school work, I could very well be losing my eyesight slowly but surely and I really cannot wear glasses without wanting to throw up. Contacts are out too because there’s no way in heck I’m putting something in my eyes! It sucks enough when my eyelashes get in there and I have to forcefully remove them! So, it’s been raining here and I’m hoping part of the pollen washed away, not that I’ll be going outside for a while anyway. Not much has been happening other than I’m going to teach my grandma ballroom (should be fun) just like I taught my aunt (nightmare). Having this blog with few people reading it actually doesn’t bother me too much any more because the fewer strangers reading it, the less strangers know about me. That may be a little kid’s saying but hey, it saves lives and it’d probably be best if I didn’t blog but I will because I want my words read by other people. I hope everyone has a great Friday and a great weekend!