Going Crazy

So, just hanging out around the house as usual and doing some school work. Then mom turned the television on and we’re watching Stephen King’s The Silver Bullet (which is over now). It was strangely hilarious for some reason, rather than scary. Now we’re watching Encino Man. We’re obviously very weird, but perhaps that’s a good thing. So maybe I’m supposed to say something totally crazy here or perhaps something “important and wise.” Cold Case is on now. She keeps changing it in case you didn’t catch that before. Today is April Fool’s Day so perhaps I should be being funny but I don’t feel like being funny at the moment! More like just having fun and attempting to catch up on school work. Our internet’s been having a lot of trouble lately and it’s been pissing me off. I have to take my classes online, that’s why I’m behind. The guy came out today and temporarily fixed it but he’ll be back on Tuesday. Should be interesting if this messes up again. I hate it when I type stuff up online and the internet goes out so I lose everything on it. So, I learned to type it up first on wordpad, copy it over, and see if it comes up. If it does, I delete the wordpad. You get the idea. I’m bored and blogging. Not necessarily a good combo! Lol! Anyways, hope everyone has a good April Fool’s Day, Easter, and Spring Break!!!


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