Of course, I love NCIS. I like several other shows as well. Burn Notice, Cold Case, NCIS Los Angeles, Bones, etc. Obviously the crime shows, right? Lol! I just like to watch cars blow up, people get killed, and I love the sarcasm in between. It’s always interesting to know what people watch because it helps to figure people out. Abby in NCIS is usually the ultimate favorite among NCIS fans. She is awesome I’ve gotta admit. But all of the characters are my favorite because without all of them, even the crazy Denozzo, there is no real NCIS. Even when Kate died, it wasn’t the same but then Ziva came into the picture and made her death bitter sweet. Now, most of you who have just started watching it, don’t even remember anything about Kate. You might have seen an old show and probably thought “Kate? Who’s Kate?” Well, I think my excerpt of NCIS is short, if not good, enough. Hope many of you watch the show. It’s fantastic!


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