I’d highly recommend for those of you out there, don’t get one! If you have one, do a background check on every single one of them, preferably before you go to their homes and spend the summer with them. Make sure that no one else is going to be at their house at the same time that are also related to you to make sure that the experience is less stressful than it is already sure to be. So, already wondering what I’m going on and on about? I was supposed to go to my grandma’s house this evening but upon discovering that my aunt, cousin, and her friend are going to be there, I decided not to go. One, I can’t deal with too much crap at the moment and all my family does is give that to me by the dishload. Two, Randall and James are at their grandparents houses as well so they won’t be there for me to escape from my cousin and her friend. Three, what’s sad is I’d rather risk getting attacked by the bears out there than be inside stuck with my cousin, her friend, or my aunt. So, my dad’s going over to their house alone though if he is aware of that yet, I’m not totally sure but either way, he’ll find out. I don’t care if he says I can drive halfway there, it ain’t happening! I’m tired of my own family putting me down because when I stand up, I get in severe trouble and my aunt and cousin scoff. They know I can’t really do anything to them but I can not see them. That would make their day as well as mine. When there are any family reunions in the future, you won’t catch me there. Even when (if) I ever get married, you wouldn’t see them at my wedding (even if they were invited). I may be a brat or whatever else you wish to call me, but if you can’t accept me the way I am or start to mess with me first, you can count on me to finish it.

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