The latest lies…

So, yay! I ended up going to grandma’s. Got up at 6am this morning, got here by about 9:30am. Saw Aunt Kandis, Hanna, and Tovah for a bit before they left. Dad and I then bowled, played baseball, and tennis on the Wii (fun!). Then I immediately rode my bike over to Randall’s. James still hasn’t been home. On another way out, I went to Mrs. Elizabeth’s. She doesn’t know when Rebecca or (granddaughter) Elizabeth will be hanging out at her house so right now I have no one to hang out with. I’m going to work on the old forts tomorrow by myself and try to revive the main one. It’ll be a lot of work but it’ll be nicer than being inside all the time and not being able to go out because of allergies. It sucks to have allergies. The oak trees get me. However, I’m not allergic to poison oak/ivy. Isn’t that wrong? Lol! I found that out when James got it and I didn’t… That was a bad situation yet horribly funny. I’m going back to Mrs. Liz’s house to hang out with her tomorrow. The neighbor is having a huge party with about sixty or seventy people over (no lie!). At least they’re blasting something I like, country music. I was working out in the backyard earlier and I was singing along. It was great and they were being idiots so it was a good combo. They still are and only the basketball game is drowning out the noises for the most part. People really are crazy but I guess, as long as they know how to have fun, it’s alright. However, it depends if that kind of fun is within the laws. Anyways, I’m mainly here to see Randall, James, and Mrs. Liz. Anything and everyone else can pretty much wait at the moment unless they take the time to get into contact with me. And not just sending me texts then don’t reply to them either, not pointing to anyone or telling you guys (MAX!!!). So, I’ll continue blogging each night but I’ve got to get school work done now for this week because I’m behind! Agh!!!


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