Another nightmare

Guess what! No, really, guess what. If you first think of something family related or that I am taking a negative approach, you’ve got that down pat. However, it worsens quickly! I’m supposed to be able to type anything here right? Well, I will, regardless if any family members happen to find this (it wouldn’t matter if they did). So, Aunt Kandis, Hanna, and her friend Tovah want to come to our house and stay for I don’t know how long. One, I don’t like either my aunt or my cousin. Two, I don’t know Tovah and don’t exactly want to sleep in the same room with a stranger (they invited themselves to my trundle bed and sleeping bag). Three, when I found out, I was still sick and in a considerably grouchy mood. Four, my dad, regardless of what my mom or I say, will not tell them they can’t come. So, guess when they’re coming? Memorial Day. Why? Because they want to get rid of Grandpa Bud’s ashes. Five, Hanna is a girly girl and only hangs out with girly girls so I am really not looking forward to that at all. I’m tempted to drop everything and move to Canada just to get the bloody heck away from them all! However, I’m not able to do that being underage though I do have part of the money to be able to do that. Regardless! If I snap, it’s my fault, not their’s. If I snap, I get in trouble and can’t go anywhere with them. If I snap, everything gets blamed on me. If I snap…(haha!) you get the idea. I won’t be allowed to snap. I’ll be kept on a super tight leash with a muzzle and a choke collar. They’d probably use a whip on me too if they could find one fast enough. My luck, they will. So, enough of my sob story (lol!). Anybody wants a new sister free of charge who does all the chores around the house anyway, post a comment and I’ll be happy to start by Friday. Saturdays and Sundays included. No joke.


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