The list of escapees

Feeding the praying mantises are fun, usually. I get to play with them before putting them into a smaller container so I can clean out their large one. Today, for example, I did just that. Only, wait for it because this is hilarious, a few crickets escaped. Two went on the floor, two on the counter, and guess what? One went down my shirt. That was the best part because I couldn’t squish it but luckily, it came out quickly. Now, I hope all of this gives ya’ll a good laugh because when it was over I was laughing so hard I was crying. I hate to say it but I squealed like a little girl but thankfully, no one was there to laugh at me. Therefore, I am allowing myself some slight embarrassment by posting this just to brighten somebody’s day. Hopefully, it won’t fail. Now! Speaking of embarrassment! A giant wolf spider crawled from the hallway, behind the tv, and went into the bathroom. My dad kept saying my mom was fibbing when she told him what had happened. He went in, looked around, and said there was nothing. She said “look up,” he did, and he said what most adults do when surprised…”holy sh**.” He went ahead and got the dustpan and broom but before he went in there, he turned to us and said quite seriously, “if I scream like a little girl, don’t laugh at me.” The door shuts behind him, we hear an intake of breath, then bang bang scream scream bang bang scream scream etc etc. Of course, we’re laughing our frickin’ butts off and are crying we’re laughing so hard. He comes out all sweaty and says “it’s dead,” and we laugh harder. There was another time when he ran into the sliding glass door and it was so frickin’ funny!!! The way he hit it was like a cartoon! So, hopefully this made a few readers laugh because I’m having the time of my life living with this crazy family. I’ve got a whole bunch of other similar stories if anyone’s interested.


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