It is finally Friday! I have to catch up on all of my school work for the week (and hopefully not go insane by the end of it). I’m going to probably be going to my grandma’s house again, this time for a week, and hopefully my allergies will not prevent me from building forts. I’m also hopeful that Randall and James will be available to hang out, at least on the weekend. James was on vacation last weekend but he might actually be back by now. Who knows? I just know I don’t want to be stuck inside playing video games all day. *shiver* Not that video games are bad it’s just between them and the computer for school work, I could very well be losing my eyesight slowly but surely and I really cannot wear glasses without wanting to throw up. Contacts are out too because there’s no way in heck I’m putting something in my eyes! It sucks enough when my eyelashes get in there and I have to forcefully remove them! So, it’s been raining here and I’m hoping part of the pollen washed away, not that I’ll be going outside for a while anyway. Not much has been happening other than I’m going to teach my grandma ballroom (should be fun) just like I taught my aunt (nightmare). Having this blog with few people reading it actually doesn’t bother me too much any more because the fewer strangers reading it, the less strangers know about me. That may be a little kid’s saying but hey, it saves lives and it’d probably be best if I didn’t blog but I will because I want my words read by other people. I hope everyone has a great Friday and a great weekend!


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