I’ve decided I will entertain myself by typing up a background on all five of the praying mantises, therefore, taking up five posts. Starting with the oldest, Liam. First, where did her name come from? From Liam Neesom who did the voice of Aslan in Narnia. Why give a girl a boy’s name? We couldn’t tell precisely who was a boy or girl until about a week ago and names had already been given out. Why raise praying mantises? They are extremely intelligent, caring, and awesome creatures, not to mention easy to take care of for the most part. Does Liam have a certain disposition that sets her apart from the rest? Yes, she was shy in the beginning but now she’s the first one to clamber on to my hand. Does color set Liam apart from the others? Actually, they all are a gorgeous greenish-blue except for Sky who is a muddy brown. How do you tell them apart then? Each are in their own cage, color coded and with their names marked on the side. Not only that but each have different personalities. What color is Liam’s cage? Hers is green. Do you like Liam the best? Please! That would be like a parent choosing which child they liked best. You can’t choose. You have to like them all the same amount and spend the same amount of quality time with them. How much time do you spend with Liam alone a day? Well, all five never leave my sight so basically 24/7. How many times has Liam molted? Four. How many moltings are left for Liam? Two or three.  Is that all you’d like to put about Liam? Yes because I have a strange feeling that you’re starting to stalk me.


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