First off, let’s talk about what happened yesterday. Our next door neighbor’s dog got ahold of a mama possum. He messed her up pretty good and she had four babies on her when it happened. The neighbor rushes over because she needs help and mom runs over there with dad as I look for a phone number. Mom manages to get the babies in one box and the mama possum in the other. With that, all of us rush over to the wildlife rescue center. You know what happens? Just like in movies, it started pouring when we got there. We won’t know if the mama possum made it until tomorrow but the babies were fine. Now, putting the spotlight on Ben.

Where did her name come from? Ben got her name from my old friend Benjamin who transferred to another school over a year ago and whom I haven’t been in contact with since. Why give a girl a boy’s name? Ben is also a girl’s name. Besides, I like it. Why raise praying mantises? I’ve already answered this question. They are interesting, intelligent, and really cool creatures. Does Ben have a certain disposition that sets her apart from the rest? Ben is the shyest of the bunch. She still doesn’t really feel comfortable climbing on my hand. Does color set Ben apart from the others? No, Ben is a greenish blue like Liam. How do you tell them apart then? They are in different cages with names labeled. What color is Ben’s cage? Bright orange. Do you like Ben the best? Once again, I like all of them equally. How much time do you spend with Ben alone a day? The same amount of time I spend with the others. How many times has Ben molted? Three. How many moltings are left for Ben? Three or four. Is that all you’d like to put about Ben? Ben is also an excellent hunter and prefers to eat her prey quickly rather than take her time or eat its butt first (Sky!).


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