This one should be interesting. Also, we are calling today to see if the mama possum and her four babies are alright. Will post again later or maybe will wait until tomorrow to tell you all the news.

Where did her name come from? For some reason, I was thinking of Holes and in the process, named her Sky. Why give a girl a boy’s name? Sky can be swung both ways in my opinion. Why raise praying mantises? Stop asking that question!!! Does Sky have a certain disposition that sets her apart from the rest? She is very evil and moody. She eats the crickets’ butt first, attacks my hand, and even attacks her own shadow (no lie, it’s hilarious!). Does color set Sky apart from the others? Yes. She is a muddy brown compared to the others’ greenish blue. How do you tell them apart then? Once again, the cages are color coded! What color is Sky’s cage? Purple. Do you like Sky the best? Not in a million years but I have to treat them all equally so I do. How much time do you spend with Sky alone a day? The same amount of time as the others. How many times has Sky molted? Three. How many moltings are left for Sky? Three or four. Is that all you’d like to put about Sky? It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, you can be sure that she’s always cranky!

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