Still no real news on the mama possum. đŸ˜¦

Where did his name come from? The mythical creature, a roc. Not supposed to be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Why give a boy that name? I wanted to be creative but it had to be something short and easy to remember. Why raise praying mantises? Can you just delete that question already? Does Roc have a certain disposition that sets him apart from the others? He is a very clean eater, runs around a lot, and especially likes to jump from point A to point C. Does color set Roc apart from the others? No. How do you tell them apart then? Color coded cages with their names on it. Sheesh. What color is Roc’s cage? Blue. Do you like Roc the most? I like them all evenly. How much time do you spend with Roc alone a day? The same amount as the others. How many times has Roc molted? Three. How many moltings are left for Roc? Three or four. Is that all you’d like to put about Roc? He’s the athlete out of the bunch.

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