Jumper 2

Bad bad news. The mama possum died and Jumper 2 died yesterday afternoon while he was molting. 😦 It was a death as bad as the possum, if not worse.

Where did his name come from? From my first praying mantis in 4th grade. Does Jumper have a certain disposition that sets him apart from the rest? He’d always be extremely hesitant when getting on my hand and I’d have to get him out of the cage with a leaf. Does color set Jumper apart from the rest? No, same greenish blue. How do you tell them apart then? The colors of the cages and their names are written on the side. What color is Jumper’s cage? Pink. Do you like Jumper the best? I have to treat them all equally but because I gave Jumper the name of my previous praying mantis, yeah, I sort of do like him more. How much time do you spend with Jumper alone a day? The same amount as the others. How many times has Jumper molted? Three. Technically four but he died. How many moltings are left for Jumper? None. Is that all you’d like to put about Jumper? He’ll be horribly missed.

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