Don’t need ’em

One thing about friends is they’re always supposed to comfort you when you’re sad, angry, then stand by your side when someone threatens to beat you up. Basically, friends are there to support you. Well, the sort of friends I have are the ones that talk all about themselves and don’t give a crap about me. Sure, the guys are much better but once they get a girlfriend, it’s adios Jade. I’m not a stuffed toy that can be thrown from person to person without a care. I’m an actual person just like the rest of you and though I may not have the same interests as you, that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit here and let you torment me when I believed you had my back. So I’m going to look for some real friends and put the rest of you on my getting-to list. I don’t have time for people like ya’ll anymore so good luck finding someone else to change your diapers. This post may seem harsh to those of you just reading this but after so many years of not having a fifty-fifty relationship with anyone as a friend, I’m done. Everyone have a great weekend! XD

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