Sarcastic laugh

You know that not a single person is reading these? Of course you don’t because there’s no one reading this one either besides me. So, let’s see. Yesterday was considerably better, especially after Jumper’s death. I’m not going to bother describing how it went either. I’ve been working on the recent addition to the long list of stories I’ve begun/finished. It should be interesting should I ever take the time to finish this one. Still caught up in all the two different trilogies. Don’t know what I’m going to do there. My friends want me to finish them but yet they don’t actually want to take the time to read them. Go figure, right? But my style is different and more mature. They probably don’t like reading them because I use words they still don’t understand yet. They aren’t as obsessed about the English language or spelling as me so that sets us apart considerably. They haven’t found their calling in life and I don’t know how I found mine so fast but all I want to do is write and write. A lonely life, yes, but not if you have someone who really truly cares about you and will always be there.

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