Sky has molted and has her full-grown wings!!! She’s over three inches long, definitely female, and is gorgeous while not injured from her molting!! I can’t wait until Liam and Ben molt as well!

Roc’s Death

Roc died today. He was severely injured from his molting. Much, much worse than Jumper had been. He was missing his two back legs, his entire lower back was squished (somehow), his antennas were missing, and he was completely blind in his left eye. I waited to see if he would do any better but after three hours, he was giving up on me. Unfortunately, I had to squish him because I couldn’t take him suffering for much longer. R.I.P. Roc with Jumper.

Nothing new

Mother’s Day, Sassy’s 10th  b-day, and family time was all yesterday. It’s been extremely boring here and there’s no point in writing when anything’s exciting even then because nobody reads it. The praying mantises are doing alright. Liam has been moved into a larger container because he’s now over three inches long. Yahoo! Everyone else is excellent.