Perfect Chaos

Curious about the title? It’s an oxymoron, right? How on Earth can any chaos be perfect? Lol! I agree yet it is the title I choose nonetheless. I am here to sum up the month of June because I haven’t posted for the rest of the month. Starting at the very beginning would be better, eh?

June 1st, my bff (I shall address him as “the actor”) had serious relationship troubles and expected me to solve everything.

June 8th, the actor still expects me to get him and his girlfriend back together.

June 13th, went to BAM (Books-A-Million) with my other bff (I shall address him as “the bookworm”) and his mom. The actor went with us and while actor and bookworm don’t really get along, I forced them to for the day because I hadn’t seen them since October.

June 16th, on the 14th I went skating with bookworm, his brother, and his mom. Florida Wheels was bought by Astro and they totally ruined the place (no offence). Now the building is a vivid combo of pink and purple. The inside is pretty cool though. It has all sorts of painted murals of the stars and planets. It just feels weird is all. Planned to go see Toy Story 3 with bookworm and his family.

June 19th, the actor is really, really being an idiot at the moment. I tried to assist him (not going into details) and he simply ruins all of it. “You can’t fix stupid.” I love whoever came up with that because it is completely true.

June 21st, Father’s Day was ok. Took the family to IHOP then to see Toy Story 3. The movie was hilarious and sad. Loved the Mexican Buzz LY. That was the best part. Lol! Actor wants me to get my mom to talk to his so he can get homeschooled because that’s just what he needs (sarcasm).

June 23rd, Actor’s mom is in a coma so he has no time to talk to me. Been having weird dreams to top it all off.

June 24th, my dad’s looking for another job already. He just can’t seem to stay in one spot for very long without getting annoyed with everyone and everything. Just wish he could find some place he actually liked working at, just so he’d be happy.

June 25th, Eclipse comes out in five days. Not going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and that’s my own decision. Will probably eventually but not any time soon. Actor’s mom is feeling better.

June 28th, Liam died yesterday which was an incredible shock and she died the same way as Ben. It’s been raining a lot lately and Sky’s the only one left of the five praying mantises. Poor baby. The U.S. lost the World Cup. Discovered James Patterson writes the same way I do which is interesting.

And that’s all for the month of June. =)