More Drama

Haven’t kept up to date this month either, so sorry about that but I’ve been kind of busy. Lol! That’s just a lame excuse. Here’s the update for the month of July.

July 9th, Bookworm’s b-day was yesterday. Told him Happy Birthday like four times and he just laughed at me. My mom and I even sang for him and he got tickled over that. Actor’s mom died Saturday (3rd). Sky and Sassy are doing great while my mom went to work with Andrea again today. She was gone all day and my dad was at work. I hate being alone in the house. It’s just so empty so I cleaned the entire kitchen, top to bottom, literally. My newest project for English is to write an I-Search paper which means I have to interview an author. That’s going to be a nightmare. It has to be someone important. Lol! Well known at the very least.

July 10th, my mom went and hung out with Andrea for the night. When she got back, I read aloud from the book I’m currently still working on. My mom loved it and my dad actually got teary-eyed, though he heard only about a page of it. Lol! It’s going to be the first book I publish.

July 11th, Actor called at 11pm last night and I didn’t answer because I was trying to sleep. Not going into details over that. Finished reading the entirety of my book to my mom. Want to write more but I have to get ahead on school work.

July 14th, finished ready Harry Potter 6 again yesterday, finished the 7th one today in less than 24 hours. Hopefully will have strange dreams tonight. It’s Papa’s b-day Friday (16th) and Donna’s the 17th.  Don’t forget to call or send them cards. Twenty-seven assignments left and I’m done with my English class. Lol! English 2 that is.

July 16th, today was Papa’s b-day and I couldn’t get ahold of him. Bookworm is in NYC with his family to visit family. They’re there for two weeks. Today I’ve been a real smartass but I’m not sure why. Lol!

July 22nd, Sky has the same reddish tinge on his butt as the other two (Ben and Liam) had. He constantly falls and can’t keep a good grip. I don’t know. My grandma and aunt are coming tomorrow morning at 11. We cleaned the entire house. Should be interesting.

That’s the summary for July. =)