Some Catching Up to Do

     A lot has happened in the last couple of months. I’ve been working incredibly hard as assistant groomer, went on a short vacation to Orlando to my grandma’s house, and all sorts. My best friend went to New York for a couple of weeks to visit with family in July and we haven’t seen much of each other since. But that’s alright. His summer is basically over while mine is just beginning. The trip to Kansas with my grandparents was cancelled due to complications after my grandpa’s back surgery. The doctor had cleared him but he has pneumonia due to overexertion. So, instead of leaving September 4th, they are heading out sometime in late October. Therefore, I will not be going because I’m going to see Harry Potter 7 Part One with my best friend at the midnight premiere. The sixth of this month, Sky died. Being a male, he lives half the life time of a female so he lasted over five months. My dog isn’t doing really well at the moment but she is older so that is understandable. All we can do is love on her a lot more.  Plus, my boss is in Germany for about a week for her son’s wedding so my mom and I have been manning the phones insanely. Not only that, she has two dogs and five cats and we have to sleep at her house each night so we hardly ever sleep. The cats throw up all the time and the dogs crap everywhere. None of them are house trained in the least and it’s a nightmare. So when people get upset with my not returning their phone calls right away or answering the phone when they call, it’s because I’m literally working my butt off. Tomorrow we have to scrub down her grooming van and clean up the Cat Spa. All of that’ll be interesting. Turns out she didn’t pay two months on her car payment so she’ll more than likely lose her van when she gets back and therefore, we won’t get paid. She continues talking about her husband and being insanely annoying saying how she wants him back still (after a few months when he tried to kill her) and he’s having an affair because the divorce isn’t final and blah blah blah. If she loses the van, she can’t survive just on her Cat Spa so she’ll have to sell everything and return to Germany. Problem is her seven animals. She can’t find anyone who wants to adopt them and she wants them adopted in pairs. The cats are Hilton, Angel, Daisy, Shania, and Pearl. The dogs are miniature poodles and are Tommie and Chloe. I don’t know about anyone else but I’d take Tommie and Chloe. My dog seems to like them both a lot when they come over and hang out when their mom was at work and we have to babysit. So, I’m unsure what is going to occur in the near future but I’m only guessing that is isn’t going to be swell, for anyone.