Does It Get Better?

A recount of September for once more, I have skipped an entire month of blogging.

Sept. 9th, obviously now I hate reminiscing on the past because I haven’t been compelled to write anything, good or bad, lately. Not sure why that is. Actor won’t stop bugging me and being clinging but I guess I got myself into it. Bookworm said he’d call me for the last three days but I haven’t heard a single peep from him. That’s happening more and more often now.

For the entire month, Actor kept pushing me over the edge and Bookworm wouldn’t return my texts or phone calls so I figured something either happened to him or he just didn’t want to talk to me. Bookworm continued to claim that he was always too busy. Isn’t that what guys always say when trying to avoid you? Not another good month for me and that’s all it mostly consisted of.