The Blind Side

The best family movie ever, in my opinion. It’s completely heartwarming and a true story which makes it even better. A person could watch a movie like that a million times over again and never get bored with it. For those who haven’t seen it, you must. Seriously. I don’t jest. Get off your computer right now, get in the car or walk to the nearest Red Box, Hollywood Videos, library, etc. ;p Yes, that’s how good it is.

Meyer’s “Twilight” Crazies…

Ever been to a movie night where you didn’t like the movie but your friends insisted that you come? Well, “Twilight” was one of those movie nights. I thought, “well, brace yourself for a tortured and wasteful night.” Tons of popcorn was made then we settled down to watch the movie. I looked over at Ben twenty minutes in, he hates Meyer too, and he was pretending to be asleep. We got to the first make out scene and I started throwing popcorn at the screen. Quite abruptly, Ben jumped to his feet with a gasp and screamed, “NO! I knew you’d cheat on me, Edward!” With realistic-like sobs, he ran from the room. Kaci paused the movie as we all were looking at each other with “what the hell” clearly written on our faces. I started laughing my ass off and then Ben came back in and he was laughing hysterically too. “What’d ya think of my performance?” he grinned. We all couldn’t help but laugh harder and he took a bow. So, even though “Twilight” and vampires suck, you can still make the “Twilight” Movie Night hilariously memorable.


You should already know about the Nine Muses. If not, look them up because I’m not here to teach you about them. I’m here to simply state that Calliope is my muse due to my writing. Many of you may scoff about magick, supernatural forces, or what not but personally, I wouldn’t anger the people who truly get the picture and are a part of it all. Most of you are considered Muggles. Yes, I know. J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. I’m not talking about the magic in her stories either. That is, obviously, completely fictional. If you want to know more about magick, you’ll have to look it up too because I am not explaining it here either. I’m simply tired of Muggles interfering with what they don’t understand and calling it “witchcraft.”