Separate Ways

     As the title clearly states, my family is now going its separate ways. My mom and dad are getting divorced after 19 years and to be honest, my dad hasn’t ever been a part of my life to begin with. Sure he lives with us, sure I see him a couple of hours a night but we’ve never communicated and the times I’ve tried, he simply gets cranky or short with me or just flat-out ignores me. So am I upset about it? A little but seriously, it would be less stress in my life at the moment. I’ve already decided what university/college I’m going to this coming August and it’s the only college that has everything I want to take at the moment to get to my main goal. My grandma (on my dad’s side) said it’s too expensive (a total of $13,184 which is cheap considering I’d be taking 8 courses) and wants me to go to SCF instead where I can start with the basics, nothing of which is there that’ll put me on the track I wish to follow. Isn’t that ironic? No matter what I want it’s not going to happen. I don’t have the money to put myself through college right now so it’ll be coming from the fund my grandpa set up for me (as well as my cousins). Therefore, they get to choose instead? No. I’m tired of allowing them to control my life. Also my dad, on discussing the topic of what we would do for my 17th bday with my mom, she suggested taking me to see Lady Antebellum at the Strawberry Festival since it’s around my bday and we both love the band. It’s only around $100 plus his time. Not very much because we’ve recently canceled the cable and home phone so that’s an extra $70 a month. He said it was too expensive and he’d take me roller skating instead. Seriously? We never spend two seconds together roller skating. Don’t think I’m selfish enough to care about the price of the gift. It’s the quality time for all of us together that counts. At the concert, it would be constant but roller skating, non-existent. I might as well stay home and do absolutely nothing on my bday while I’m at it. In all honesty, I think I’ll just invite a friend over like I did for my 16th. It was much more entertaining and didn’t give any of us an opportunity to begin a fight. So, it is time for the divorce because people may consider me a strong, patient person but I’ve had enough with this.


The movie was hilarious. We kidnapped Josh for the day (came quite willingly, lol) and dragged him (again came very willingly) to the theaters to see the famed Tangled. Wow, is all I’ve got to say. Is it worth seeing? Yes. The chameleon and horse were the best characters in the movie besides “cupid dude(see movie for further reference/understanding).” Yes, it’s a kid’s movie. Yes, it may seem a bit lame to you. Yes, it is mandatory for you to go see it. Wait, what? Lol! Josh also came to our house afterwards for a few hours and entertained us for a bit with his superb piano skills. He doesn’t know it yet (until he reads this) but we’re forcing him to give us a piano concert the next time he dares to come back (mwah ha ha!). Should be interesting what ensues from there. =)

Civil War Dream, abbrev.

     A little girl’s family, living in the Civil War time period on a plantation with servants, had lost her brother a long while back but she wasn’t allowed in his room. She finally snuck into it and found everything completely coated in dust as if no one had ever set foot there for decades. Abruptly I come into the picture and end up going back to the time when her brother was alive but as his best friend. So we do all kinds of things together as little rascals of that time. Well, something happened and the best friend (me, though I’m not really controlling anything at all by this point, rather just in someone’s body and watching) ends up killing him and blaming the servant who comes across the scene for the death of his best friend. The servant was put to death and that was the end of it. I ended up going back to the little girl and telling her what happened before I had to figure out how to get back to my own time. It turned out that I had to fall asleep there to wake up back here.

Interesting…I Think (@)

     Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One (gasp for air, lol jk) comes out basically tonight (though technically 12:01am Friday, November 19th, 2010). Not going to see it, of course, thanks mostly to my mom, until this coming Monday. She has also invited her friend Nancy to Thanksgiving with us and is considering inviting our neighbor (94 yrs-old, living alone) as well. It will be uncomfortable for me this coming week but the week after should be more fun, hopefully. I haven’t posted another entry more recently because the internet has refused me access once more, as what occurred the previous time (along with my busy schedule) so I didn’t try harder than I probably should have.

     Also, in case you’re curious what the “(@)” symbol in the title means, it stands for sarcasm. It’s the best way I’ve found to tell my friends I’m being sarcastic when I e-mail or IM them, rather than having to tell them every…single…time. That gets considerably tiring after a while. I haven’t been able to write lately but I have had a few weird dreams as of yet. I’ll post the latest one in the post after this. =)


     Yesterday, I was going through my blog and old notes from over the years (passed “illegally” in classes, lol!). It’s always interesting to see how much I’ve changed over the years, but yet, haven’t changed at all. It must be the same with everyone, at least similar in some ways. Just get a weird sort of trance-like feeling when I go through it all. Very much like playing a hundred movies in your head super fast (life flashing before your eyes, only not such a bad thing, lol). There may or may not be a lot of mistakes in the past and many times, I feel stuck around those events. The past can’t be rewritten but, if the person is still alive, it’s never too late to talk to them about what happened. Not even if you had waited over thirty years. There is no real time limit but unconsciously, we seem to believe there is. We can always speak up and tell that person but whether they want to listen or forgive or whatnot is up to them. The talking is mostly up to you, as is the first step.

Ugh! I Want to Keep Writing!

     Well, this is really annoying. I can’t seem to want to stop writing/blogging at the moment. So, I guess I’ll make the best of it (even if it annoys you too, mwah ha ha!). I finished reading aloud my not-yet-completed book I keep mentioning. Lol! At least up to page 61. That’s all I’ve got printed out so far. Only 30 more pages to print out but I need more ink to do so and then I need to work some more on it (a total of 91 pages written so far; not much, I know). These character biographies are really setting me back even though they are supposed to be more helpful… I also need to work on a bunch of other things but they shall have to wait.

     I swear that I have read “The Hobbit” like twenty times in the last five days for absolutely no reason (other than boredom, maybe). Also read the entire “Lord of the Rings” trilogy a few times recently. It’s not in anticipation of “The Hobbit” coming out (in 2012) so all I can figure is that it’s fantasy withdrawals seriously kicking in. I haven’t been reading R. A. Salvatore, J. K. Rowling, James Mallory, Mercedes Lackey, James Patterson, or any books by any of those authors lately and this is what happens. Lol! Actor must have gotten grounded for all his evil deeds at school so I don’t get to talk to him for a few days and Musician would like me to address him as ‘Josh’ so I’ll start remembering that too. All these pet names are starting to actually be normal. I am now going to translate some poems/songs I’ve written into Telethic. (For further explanation, read the “Telethic” post.) =)

Wish It Was More Exciting

     Wish this post was going to be more exciting or interesting but, sadly and my condolences for it, it will not be. I’ve been playing Runescape way too much lately rather than writing, as I should be. Met a few more interesting people on it though. My bff who composes music as a hobby (it’s his life) is adamant that he is going to write music for me to sing. Lol! Not really up to it because I rather don’t like singing solos (though I had to in chorus concerts a lot) but regardless, I figure I’ll give it a whirl. Going roller skating on Saturday so perhaps we can figure it out then. In the meantime, again, have not written anything lately so I’m having fantasy/writing withdrawals (much like some have Sims3 withdrawals except more drastic, lol). Therefore, as soon as I am done with this, I am going to start working on those biographies again. =) That would be this very moment. Have a great Veteran’s Day, guys.

Also, here’s a random picture that I want to share. I really like it.


     I’m an author, remember? Well, in the main book I am working feverishly on, there are a lot of characters so it can get a bit confusing for the reader (as if the events and locations weren’t confusing enough, right?).  So my latest project is to write a complete biography for each character. That’ll take quite a lot of time but I’m all for it. That’s over two hundred (yes, 200) biographies to write from the time the character is born until the end of the book(s), not to mention having to actually write the book(s). It’ll be really interesting to pull off and of course, when the book(s) is(are) finished, I’m going to go ahead and add the character biographies to them, say at the back like an index. A lot of fun and something to look forward to, though a lot of people would get excruciatingly bored with writing the biographies by about the fifth one. Just got to hang in there.

November, the Dreadful Appearance of the Snow Birds

Yep, November is here and it’s Florida so guess what happens during this time? All the old birds living up north flock here on vacation in their small, luxurious homes. That’s right. More accidents, more waiting in line, more rolling of the eyes is what the Snow Birds call for. Well, at least when summer comes back around, they go home. That’s some relief and, awful as it may sound, my dad gets more work when they come (he’s in the auto body business).  Lol! He saw three accidents just driving home today. Lemme just tell you the obvious. There are some crazy old people living up north. Too bad they don’t STAY there, or at least leave their bickering behind. Seriously. I don’t want to stand in line at Walgreens listening to grandma or grandpa complain and argue about their prescription being a penny (yes, a PENNY) more than in their home state. Just throw a quarter at them and tell them to go back home where they belong! If they’re so anal about spending an extra penny, why do they have a vacation home in Florida or anywhere else? Seriously. Enough of my ranting (though it is refreshing). November, Harry Potter 7 Part One comes out. Boy, am I looking forward to that. =)