November, the Dreadful Appearance of the Snow Birds

Yep, November is here and it’s Florida so guess what happens during this time? All the old birds living up north flock here on vacation in their small, luxurious homes. That’s right. More accidents, more waiting in line, more rolling of the eyes is what the Snow Birds call for. Well, at least when summer comes back around, they go home. That’s some relief and, awful as it may sound, my dad gets more work when they come (he’s in the auto body business).  Lol! He saw three accidents just driving home today. Lemme just tell you the obvious. There are some crazy old people living up north. Too bad they don’t STAY there, or at least leave their bickering behind. Seriously. I don’t want to stand in line at Walgreens listening to grandma or grandpa complain and argue about their prescription being a penny (yes, a PENNY) more than in their home state. Just throw a quarter at them and tell them to go back home where they belong! If they’re so anal about spending an extra penny, why do they have a vacation home in Florida or anywhere else? Seriously. Enough of my ranting (though it is refreshing). November, Harry Potter 7 Part One comes out. Boy, am I looking forward to that. =)

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