I’m an author, remember? Well, in the main book I am working feverishly on, there are a lot of characters so it can get a bit confusing for the reader (as if the events and locations weren’t confusing enough, right?).  So my latest project is to write a complete biography for each character. That’ll take quite a lot of time but I’m all for it. That’s over two hundred (yes, 200) biographies to write from the time the character is born until the end of the book(s), not to mention having to actually write the book(s). It’ll be really interesting to pull off and of course, when the book(s) is(are) finished, I’m going to go ahead and add the character biographies to them, say at the back like an index. A lot of fun and something to look forward to, though a lot of people would get excruciatingly bored with writing the biographies by about the fifth one. Just got to hang in there.

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