Wish It Was More Exciting

     Wish this post was going to be more exciting or interesting but, sadly and my condolences for it, it will not be. I’ve been playing Runescape way too much lately rather than writing, as I should be. Met a few more interesting people on it though. My bff who composes music as a hobby (it’s his life) is adamant that he is going to write music for me to sing. Lol! Not really up to it because I rather don’t like singing solos (though I had to in chorus concerts a lot) but regardless, I figure I’ll give it a whirl. Going roller skating on Saturday so perhaps we can figure it out then. In the meantime, again, have not written anything lately so I’m having fantasy/writing withdrawals (much like some have Sims3 withdrawals except more drastic, lol). Therefore, as soon as I am done with this, I am going to start working on those biographies again. =) That would be this very moment. Have a great Veteran’s Day, guys.

Also, here’s a random picture that I want to share. I really like it.

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