Yesterday, I was going through my blog and old notes from over the years (passed “illegally” in classes, lol!). It’s always interesting to see how much I’ve changed over the years, but yet, haven’t changed at all. It must be the same with everyone, at least similar in some ways. Just get a weird sort of trance-like feeling when I go through it all. Very much like playing a hundred movies in your head super fast (life flashing before your eyes, only not such a bad thing, lol). There may or may not be a lot of mistakes in the past and many times, I feel stuck around those events. The past can’t be rewritten but, if the person is still alive, it’s never too late to talk to them about what happened. Not even if you had waited over thirty years. There is no real time limit but unconsciously, we seem to believe there is. We can always speak up and tell that person but whether they want to listen or forgive or whatnot is up to them. The talking is mostly up to you, as is the first step.

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