Ugh! I Want to Keep Writing!

     Well, this is really annoying. I can’t seem to want to stop writing/blogging at the moment. So, I guess I’ll make the best of it (even if it annoys you too, mwah ha ha!). I finished reading aloud my not-yet-completed book I keep mentioning. Lol! At least up to page 61. That’s all I’ve got printed out so far. Only 30 more pages to print out but I need more ink to do so and then I need to work some more on it (a total of 91 pages written so far; not much, I know). These character biographies are really setting me back even though they are supposed to be more helpful… I also need to work on a bunch of other things but they shall have to wait.

     I swear that I have read “The Hobbit” like twenty times in the last five days for absolutely no reason (other than boredom, maybe). Also read the entire “Lord of the Rings” trilogy a few times recently. It’s not in anticipation of “The Hobbit” coming out (in 2012) so all I can figure is that it’s fantasy withdrawals seriously kicking in. I haven’t been reading R. A. Salvatore, J. K. Rowling, James Mallory, Mercedes Lackey, James Patterson, or any books by any of those authors lately and this is what happens. Lol! Actor must have gotten grounded for all his evil deeds at school so I don’t get to talk to him for a few days and Musician would like me to address him as ‘Josh’ so I’ll start remembering that too. All these pet names are starting to actually be normal. I am now going to translate some poems/songs I’ve written into Telethic. (For further explanation, read the “Telethic” post.) =)

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