Civil War Dream, abbrev.

     A little girl’s family, living in the Civil War time period on a plantation with servants, had lost her brother a long while back but she wasn’t allowed in his room. She finally snuck into it and found everything completely coated in dust as if no one had ever set foot there for decades. Abruptly I come into the picture and end up going back to the time when her brother was alive but as his best friend. So we do all kinds of things together as little rascals of that time. Well, something happened and the best friend (me, though I’m not really controlling anything at all by this point, rather just in someone’s body and watching) ends up killing him and blaming the servant who comes across the scene for the death of his best friend. The servant was put to death and that was the end of it. I ended up going back to the little girl and telling her what happened before I had to figure out how to get back to my own time. It turned out that I had to fall asleep there to wake up back here.

2 thoughts on “Civil War Dream, abbrev.

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    1. Thanks for the compliments. =) I’m just randomly writing down my thoughts and ideas. The theme is called “Black Letterhead” by Ulysses Ronquillo. The name is also at the bottom of each page for future reference. =)

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