The movie was hilarious. We kidnapped Josh for the day (came quite willingly, lol) and dragged him (again came very willingly) to the theaters to see the famed Tangled. Wow, is all I’ve got to say. Is it worth seeing? Yes. The chameleon and horse were the best characters in the movie besides “cupid dude(see movie for further reference/understanding).” Yes, it’s a kid’s movie. Yes, it may seem a bit lame to you. Yes, it is mandatory for you to go see it. Wait, what? Lol! Josh also came to our house afterwards for a few hours and entertained us for a bit with his superb piano skills. He doesn’t know it yet (until he reads this) but we’re forcing him to give us a piano concert the next time he dares to come back (mwah ha ha!). Should be interesting what ensues from there. =)

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