Separate Ways

     As the title clearly states, my family is now going its separate ways. My mom and dad are getting divorced after 19 years and to be honest, my dad hasn’t ever been a part of my life to begin with. Sure he lives with us, sure I see him a couple of hours a night but we’ve never communicated and the times I’ve tried, he simply gets cranky or short with me or just flat-out ignores me. So am I upset about it? A little but seriously, it would be less stress in my life at the moment. I’ve already decided what university/college I’m going to this coming August and it’s the only college that has everything I want to take at the moment to get to my main goal. My grandma (on my dad’s side) said it’s too expensive (a total of $13,184 which is cheap considering I’d be taking 8 courses) and wants me to go to SCF instead where I can start with the basics, nothing of which is there that’ll put me on the track I wish to follow. Isn’t that ironic? No matter what I want it’s not going to happen. I don’t have the money to put myself through college right now so it’ll be coming from the fund my grandpa set up for me (as well as my cousins). Therefore, they get to choose instead? No. I’m tired of allowing them to control my life. Also my dad, on discussing the topic of what we would do for my 17th bday with my mom, she suggested taking me to see Lady Antebellum at the Strawberry Festival since it’s around my bday and we both love the band. It’s only around $100 plus his time. Not very much because we’ve recently canceled the cable and home phone so that’s an extra $70 a month. He said it was too expensive and he’d take me roller skating instead. Seriously? We never spend two seconds together roller skating. Don’t think I’m selfish enough to care about the price of the gift. It’s the quality time for all of us together that counts. At the concert, it would be constant but roller skating, non-existent. I might as well stay home and do absolutely nothing on my bday while I’m at it. In all honesty, I think I’ll just invite a friend over like I did for my 16th. It was much more entertaining and didn’t give any of us an opportunity to begin a fight. So, it is time for the divorce because people may consider me a strong, patient person but I’ve had enough with this.


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