Random Thoughts

     I haven’t been able to write for a very long time again and I’m not really sure what’s up. Might be the family issues we’re having but usually when that happens, all I can do is write. This time, it’s the opposite. It’s going to be difficult trying to simply write this single post when it should come at ease. However, I’ll still attempt it. I’ve been sick lately on top of everything with tonsillitis. It’s not such a big deal this time because last time I had it, I also had bronchitis and the flu with tonsillitis. It was horrible, lol, let’s leave it at that. My brother Josh has also been sick but he was before me. If you want to be bored to death with the medical terms, he can tell you all about it himself. ;p Josh also got me hooked into, not only Runescape, but now World of Warcraft so instead of studying as I’m supposed to for 4-8 hours a day, I play WoW and study for only 2-3 hours. Not much else has been occurring lately. Rereading the Harry Potter series, again. Can’t even remember how many times I’ve read them over and over again. Then, probably, as soon as I’m done with Harry Potter, I’ll move on to The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy again. I obviously keep forgetting that I have a thousand other books to choose from, not including going to the library. Perhaps I can drag Josh to the library once he’s feeling better. I seriously feel like some fresh, salty air from the marina. Something really random that occurred to me was that one of my friends sent me an e-mail and asked me “would you rather have a car, or be an author?” I replied simply, “is that a stupid question? I would rather be an author.” Sure, I may have to walk or ride a bus everywhere but I would finally be what I want to be, an author. Happy Holidays, everyone.

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