Feeling a Little Loopy

     I felt like inspiring people yesterday(today) for some reason so I posted on several people’s Facebook walls. Maybe it’s just the Mountain Dew? I’m not really sure and I actually am not minding it. I’ve been writing a lot lately. Ended up joining an online writing community yesterday and will see how well that goes. Maybe I’ll learn something new or will just share my thoughts with other writers. Who knows. Ah, about the writing. Since I’ve momentarily stopped working on my Medieval projects, I’m dwelling more into modern fiction that seems more like modern non-fiction at first glance. It’s going along far more smoothly than I had anticipated before so I’m going to keep it up to see where it takes me. Kelly(my biological father)’s birthday is tomorrow so I suppose I’ll have to do something different for him, regardless if he has been extremely unpleasant to me. I’ll just have to deal with it and not sink down to his level. Well, keeping this one short and sweet. ~Blessed Be~

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