Past 3am, Seriously?

     Lately, Kelly has been going out a few nights a week and doesn’t get back until 3:45am or so. It’s not like he leaves at midnight either. No, he usually leaves between 6-9pm and most of the time, he has work the next day. Can you say idiot? After two weeks of being out of work, the first week at his new job, he decides he’s gonna go out drinking. On a frickin’ Thursday so guess what. He goes in late today and his boss doesn’t like people like that. So, if he loses this job, it’s still no big deal because his mommy will pay for everything like she always does. Over half the mony she gives him he doesn’t even spend it on what it’s meant for (bills!). Instead, he spends it all on himself. Going out to eat three times a day, going out at night four times a week, driving to St. Pete then Bradenton then back to Sarasota supposedly going to meet his friend. Notice, it’s all about him. It always has been and always will be. My 17th b-day is coming up and you know what he said? “I’ll take her roller skating or something.” Yeah cuz that’s the only way he can completely avoid me. I’ve never had a real father and I’m not ever going to. The facts are absolute. The divorce isn’t final (he hasn’t even served the papers yet) and I know he’s seeing someone. You just wait, Kelly.

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